How does the Military Diet Work? – 3 day military diet

There’s no doubt about the military diet , its menu, and its results. If you cannot go with military diet main menu, you can also go with the same menu substitutions. Military diet substitutions are for those who are allergic to nuts, butter, etc. which are the key menu for the military diet. Also, vegetarians can get the same equivalent of calories from the diet substitutions list.

Well, military diet is simple to follow and get the better results. Following the diets with low calories is a bit tough thing, but just try the original military diet menu to get yourself best. At that time you feel hungry, but never lose your hope. Instead, you should try to create habit just for some days. And after the diet period, you will see changes in your body mass being lesser than before.

Military diet key features

  1. Military diet is composed of low calories food: Military diet consists of 1200 calories to 1500 calories. And military diet is designed in such a way that it helps to burn out your body fat easily. As we know, the more we eat more we gain body fat but when we eat less, the more fat get burn. So, it’s better to take the military diet which has fewer calories menu.
  2. Military diet is a way of steady fasting: In actual, fasting for a day won’t let your body mass decrease. Instead, you should eat low calories food to maintain your body metabolism. You should eat at least of 1000 calories of food to burn out your body fat. And it will lower your IGF-1 level which also helps you to lower the chances of being the diabetic patient. And after having the military diet, your body will be on steady fasting mode which turns to burn out the fat from your body.
  3. The increment of your body metabolism: Foods in the military diet are specially designed for boosting the body metabolism. As you go for a coffee, you will get caffeine, and that caffeine helps to lose your weight slightly. When we eat protein label food of military diet like Peanut butter, our body need to waste more energy from our body. Thus, we can lose our weight. Ice cream and cottage cheese are high in calcium, and more the calcium more the fat get burned through fat cells as calcium in fat cells helps to burn out fat easily.

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